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String of Beads
Make this strippy quilt as a quick-piece project or a scrappy "one bead at a time, finish whenever" undertaking.

In Lesson One, we will design a variety of beads and, in Lesson Two, we will string them and complete this versatile project as a wall hanging or table runner, as a bead fringe or scallop border, or as a full size quilt.

Plan to share your ideas with the rest of the class and participate in a bead block exchange if you wish.

An EQ4 .pj4 file will be available.


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This is the original "String of Beads" Quilt which was the second quilt I made (more than 15 years ago). I've revised it to make the beads on a straight rather than diagonal grain and the bead size variable. How much I have learned since then!