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Fabric Sampler

There are no "right" or "wrong" fabrics in this project--only what works for you. And the general rule is this: "If it bothers you, change something."

Color choice is always very individual. These are some of the fabrics I would select from the Stash 2000 CD for this project. And because color and pattern are always seen in context, each choice you make will affect the next choices. If you have taken my "Creative Color" class, you will find that the "bridge" technique makes fabric selection much easier.

These fabrics illustrate some of the kinds of fabric I find useful for Ozark Garden projects. Some of these have wonderfully muted reverse sides. I would be less likely to use these because they are sharp edged images, have too much contrast, have straight lines or the patterns are too regular.

Finding an assortment of light fabrics in light to medium values may be the most difficult part of this project.
One of the most useful light fabrics in the original quilt turned out to be a Christmas fabric of poinsettas in white on white with a dull pale green. Another was a sharply contrasting yellow/green/brown abstract print. Prepare to be surprised.