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The "Ozark Garden" quilt looks much more complicated than it really is. Most of its blocks are complex (i.e. made in more than one section), but the individual small easy units are simple and there are few seams to match. You don't even have to match block corners.

Blocks are made in a variety of color/value patterns and then arranged on a design wall to determine the final layout.

The first class, "Ozark Garden, Part I" gives you basic directions for constructing the blocks, fabric color and value suggestions, practice blocks and 6 flower, leaf, bird block patterns which may be combined for a unique wall hanging of any size.

"Ozark Garden, Part II" continues the series with seven slightly more complex blocks which can be used alone or combined with the first set of blocks to make a companion wall hanging. Directions and sample layouts will also be provided for a full size quilt.

The "Hummingbird Heaven" patterns combine some of the "Ozark Garden" motifs to make one large seven section block. This bonus pattern is available when you register now for both classes.