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These patterns are in PDF format to give you the best quality printing. If you do not already have Adobe's Acrobat Reader 4, you may download it here. It is free.
If you click on the links below, it should open the file in your Acrobat Reader. You can also right click on the link and save the .pdf file to your computer to open later.

Lesson One Patterns
Random Rose Generic Leaf More flower patterns to print
Block backgrounds to print

Lesson Two Patterns
Leaf Two Leaf Three Leaf Four Leaf Five

Lesson Three Patterns
Flower Two
Page 1
Page 2
Flower Three
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Flower Four
Page 1
Flower Five
Page 1
Page 2

Lesson Four Patterns
   Hummingbird One   

EQ4 Zipped .pj4 file: