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1. create a small tilea bit bigger than you want the finished tile to be or selct a portion of a drawing. 2. select and cut the left half of the tile and move it to join on the right. It is important to select and paste precisely. 3.. Repeat by cutting the top half and joining it on the bottom. The 4 outside corners of the original tile now meet in the center of the image, just as they will meet when the tile is repeated or "tiled". 4. Paint or draw as needed to conceal the seams. If you have changed anything around the edges, you may need to repeat the process--cut and pssting the present outside edges to the center. 5. Save the tile. Copy and paste to fill the screen. Print . OR 7. Save the file as a .gif or .jpeg ( Use a program such as Paintshop Pro or Picture Publisher LE if necessary to convert the file). Open the test file and paste the file name between the quotation marks in the BODY BACKGROUND= "file_name.gif". Save the test file and open or reload it in the browser to see it tiled as a background. Note: for more information on design see the discussion under the traditional method.