Getting started

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you do anything else: When you have answered those questions, there are three more factors to be considered in planning a web page:
  1. Content--If there is nothing worth reading or looking at, why bother?
  2. Design--A site that is interesting to look at and easy to use, is one that people will want to come back to.
  3. Structure and code--the technical stuff.

These three factors are inter-related and each limits the others in specific ways. Your job as a web page creator is to make the three factors work together.

The Loogootee West Elementary Homepage includes lots of help for planning a web page. (You will need to connect to the internet for this link.)

A simple web page is easy to make and needs only the simplest tools--a simple word processor (e.g.Windows Notepad) and your browser. You can copy and paste the "tags" from the templates (a kind of "pattern" or sample file) below and add your own content. Be sure to see the simple text template for more directions. Then you can look at the source code (View: Source) (of any page) and see how other features are done. The Links and resources page will lead you to many more links for HTML guides and tutorials.