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As preacher's kids, growing up in a parsonage,
 we always envied other kids who had attics--
	those wonderful rainy-day storehouses
 		of forgotten treasures,
			beautiful memories--
				and just plain stuff.
I'm now retired--and I still don't have an attic --
	so I've created this 

Virtual Attic

Look in the desk for poetry, meditations and who knows what else.

In the trunk you will find quilts, patterns and probably some UFO's (unfinished objects).

Under the quilting frame you'll find notes for quilt programs and creativity lessons.

On the easel , there are some digital paintings, some art lessons for kids and maybe some doodles.
    Kaleidoscope Plugin experiments

In my journals , you will find some of my favorite places on the web.

Tucked away in a box --who knows!

"How to Build a Web Page" Welcome to my attic!

It takes a while to collect an attic full of stuff. It will take a while to get this organized, as well. So please do come back and see what else has been added.

Lily (